Dianne I. Mullennex
23 Years Old

October 9, 1969 to January 2, 1993

Dianne Mullennex, of Tiffin, Ohio, was a very shy, but friendly and loving student at the Mary Black School of Nursing at the University of South Carolina at Spartanburg. She also worked at the Spartanburg Regional Medical Center as a student nurse.

She was active in the school band playing the flute. She was also fluent in Spanish, having visited Spain and Ecuador as an exchange student. She returned many times, furthering her Latin knowledge. She volunteered at the Hispanic clinic in Tiffin because she saw a need and knew she could help.

During her 1992 Christmas break, Dianne drove to her brother's home in Florida to spend the holiday with her family. On the day after Christmas, she returned to South Carolina.

Dianne was in her final semester of nursing school and would have received her bachelor degree on May 1, 1993. She loved nursing. She liked to feel needed and helpful. Many times the hospital would call and ask her to translate for the Hispanic patients. She never complained and would go at all times of the day and night. She felt a great deal of compassion for these people since they couldn't speak English. Dianne became their friend and was always there for them.

When shopping one day with her mother, Dianne was greeted by several people. "Oh, that was one of my patients," she said. One morning at 2:30 am, she called her mother to tell her that she'd been carrying a 2-year-old child around all night because the child was scared and the mother wasn't around. She loved nursing and got great rewards in a few short years. She would have made a great nurse!

While Dianne Mullennex, 23, of Tiffin, Ohio, went to school and worked at Spartansburg Regional Medical Center, she met Greg Lindsey. They became friends and often helped each other. Through the months, he discovered that she had inherited several thousand dollars.

Great would steal her ATM card and withdraw hundreds of dollars. On November 1, 1992, she attempted to withdraw money for her rent, but was notified that she had insufficient funds. The bank told her that the police would have to help her find out what happened to the money. The bank had video tapes showing Greg withdrawing money. Dianne filed charges, and Greg and his brother, Dennis, began stalking her. She reported the stalking to the police, but was told that since no crime had occurred, they could not be of assistance.


After returning home from work on January 1, 1993, Dianne talked on the phone for more than one hour. When she hung up, Dennis Lindsey came out of the closet. She ran out of the house begging for her neighbors to help because someone was trying to kill her. No one wanted to get involved. Afterwards, Dianne was stabbed 42 times with a butcher knife. A neighbor who worked for the sheriff's office finally called 911 and Lindsey fled the scene. At 1:30 am, she was rushed to the hospital. She died at 2:35 am.

When the coroner called Dianne's mom to tell her what happened, she told them that Dianne had been stalked and who was doing the stalking. The police went to the Lindsey home and arrested Dennis - he had a fresh wound on his arm and blood on him.

Dennis Lindsey was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 30 years in prison. He remains in prison.

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Dianne Mullennex