Dennis Thomas Barrett
20 Years Old

June 17, 1964 to November 3, 1984

Dennis Barrett, of St. Paul, Minnesota, loved to write stories and poetry. He had a troubled life, but as he worked through his problems, he became a more spiritual person. Dennis had many friends who shared stories about his caring and kindness - much of this we did not hear about until after his murder.

Dennis is survived by his parents and eight siblings - four younger and four older.


On November 3, 1984, 20-year-old Dennis Barrett, of St. Paul, Minnesota, was stabbed to death at a party six blocks from our home. After being stabbed, Dennis ran from the house where the party was being held and was found lying in a nearby alley. Dennis was taken to County Hospital where he died from loss of blood.

Anthony Raj, age 19, pleaded guilty to second degree manslaughter in January, 1986, and was sentenced to three years in prison. He was released after serving only two years.

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