Denise Decker
18 Years Old

October 4, 1974 to April 5, 1993

Denise Decker, of Florissant, Missouri, was a very caring person. She planned to continue her education in the medical field. She wanted to work with disabled people.

She was murdered six weeks before her high school graduation. Three days after her murder, the dressmaker finished sewing her prom dress, but she was unable to attend.

Denise donated her eyes and two people's eyesight was saved because of her donation. She is greatly loved and missed by her family and friends.


Denise Decker, 18, of Florissant, Missouri, was standing in a backyard with eight other teens. A car of gang members drove up. They got out of the car and shot at the group. Denise died 75 minutes later. The bullet went through her neck.

Jonathon Anderson was convicted of second degree murder and armed criminal action. He was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Parole was denied to him in August 1996.

Christopher Resinger supplied the gun to Anderson. He pleaded guilty to second degree murder and armed criminal action. Resinger was sentenced to 10 years plus three years to be run concurrently.

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Denise Decker