Denise Anne Balfour
33 Years Old

June 13, 1954 to August 15, 1987

On June 13th, 1954, a beautiful baby girl was born to Mary and Harry Balfour. Denise was our first child. We loved her with all our hearts. She had brown eyes that laughed when she laughed. She grew-up in a normal family setting and had two brothers and two sisters whom she loved.

Denise was an extremely smart girl who did well in school. She had a strong desire to help mentally-challenged children and adults. Denise graduated from Fitchburg State College with a Bachelor Degree then attended Leslie College where she received her Master Degree.

Denise excelled at her chosen work and improved the quality of the lives of mentally-challenged people.

Denise’s marriage was unsuccessful and ended in divorce. She purchased a home in Salem, New Hampshire where she could start a new life. Denise was teaching challenged students at Meuthen High School at that time.

Denise loved her “new” home. She lived there only a month when a savage, undisciplined 16 year old entered her home illegally and terrorized her before killing her.

Denise was truly a joy to her family.

We mourn and miss her, terribly.


On August 15th, 1987 at 7:15PM, a 16 year old male stranger named Eric Anderson entered my daughter’s home.

He provoked her and started to beat her. In her fear and terror, Denise ran upstairs to escape this savage. He chased her upstairs and trapped her in her bedroom where he continued to beat her.

He then tied her hands behind her back with wire and threw her onto the bed. He mummified her entire head with brown masking tape and left her lying there while he spent approximately 15 minutes looking around her house. I can not imagine her pain, fear and the prayers she must have said from being hurt so badly and being mummified.

He returned to the upstairs bathroom and proceeded to fill the bathtub with water. He dragged Denise into the bathroom and drowned her. He dragged her body to the cellar and disrobed her.

Then he proceeded to the kitchen, got a knife, returned to the cellar and slashed her breasts. He put her body into a sleeping bag and stuffed her behind the oil burner. He stole her car, took three dollars from her purse and went joy-riding.

My daughter had only lived there 30 days and did not know what a wild savage lived on the next street.

Eric Anderson was allowed to plea-bargain and is serving 32 years in Rockingham State Prison in New Hampshire.

I believe Anderson’s parents are partly responsible for my daughter’s death because he did anything he wanted. He had a long list of offenses with the Salem Police Department.

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Denise Balfour