Deborah Suzzette Hernandez Moberg "Debbie"
18 Years Old

December 13, 1968 to January 9, 1987

Debbie Suzzette Hernandez Moberg of San Antonio, Texas, had a beautiful smile, was slim, well mannered, sparkling eyes, modeled as a child, weaving ribbons in her pig tails, rosy cheeks, and a wonderful, wonderful child.

Debbie had a favorite cousin, Sue Ann. She and Sue attended kindergarten together. They would spend the nights together, play all day and grow up to be the closest of friends.

Debbie would wait for me to get off work at 2 a.m. so she could sleep with her head on my tummy. She loved to go fishing when we lived in Kentucky. She loved to play in the snow when we lived in Tennessee. She loved to swim. She was a happy child. She was her grandmother's sunshine. She grew up to be a teenager that did the things that teenagers do, but never did I have to worry about her. She was quiet, never going out much, had a boyfriend though. She was happy with herself.

On January 7, 1987, Debbie was kidnapped by Ray Moberg, her adoptive father. He was captured, but for 6 months never would say where she was. She was murdered, but we did not know the details.

For months the people from San Antonio, Texas searched for Debbie, first to find her alive, then as time went by, searching for her body.

Finally he wanted to plea bargain, because he also had several cases of sexual abuse against him. He was charged with 5 counts of sexual abuse and robbery.

As a result, he told the detectives that he had placed her body in a dumpster. The city searched the wrong dump site, because the apartment complex had used a different dumpster that week. Why did her murder her? He won't say.

Many people from San Antonio searched, we did not succeed, but many friendships were made. Many thanks to everyone that searched. Debbie has appeared to her Grandmother and has told her she is happy and doing well! A tree has been planted in her memory at El Sendero Library by the city of San Antonio.


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Deborah Suzzette Hernandez Moberg