Deborah Lynn Fenster
16 Years Old

December 3, 1975 to October 3, 1992

Debbie Fenster, of Melbourne, Florida, was a beautiful and very bright (in the gifted program at school), talented, shy and sensitive girl. She grew up in Escondido, California. Debbie had taken eight years of piano lessons and played beautifully anything from jazz to the classics. She had an eye for fashion and was always dressed with style.

Being the youngest child and the only girl (with three brothers), Debbie was treated special, but without being spoiled. She loved music and had her eye on Broadway.

Her other loves were her family, her pets, swimming, the beach, he friends, food and young children - especially her two nephews, Joey and Bryant. Debbie is so missed and loved.


Debbie Fenster, 16, of Melbourne, Florida, was murdered on the driveway of her home at approximately 1:30 am. She had been stabbed more than 50 times and left to die. She was found at 7:00 am that same day by a neighbor passing by.

Within two days, her killer was found. Debbie's blood was found on his clothing, a knife with her blood on it was found in his truck, and he had a deep wound on his left hand. Paul McDonald was once a friend of Debbie's brother, and had recently asked her for a date. Debbie refused. It is believed that McDonald killed her in a fit of rage because she rejected him. She probably went outside to talk to him because she knew him, but was not afraid of him because he'd never shown signs of violence.

Paul McDonald committed suicide one day after being accused.

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Debborah Fenster