Debora Schatz
23 Years Old

September 16, 1960 to June 7, 1984

Debora Sue Schatz was born September 16, 1960 in Houston, Texas. She had a father that worked hard to support his family and a mother that spent all of her hours creating a stable home. As the second to the youngest child, nicknamed May-May, her mother said "I never wanted her to grow up, now I know why."

As a child, May spent many hours playing red rover, red light-green light, cowboys and indians and wagon train. As she grew older her interest were camping with her many cousins. It was a weekend ritual where nine families would fish, swim, play in the woods and at night sit around the campfire telling ghost stories. As May matured, she became a beautiful woman with blonde hair and green eyes. She had a warm heart and a beautiful smile that lit up a room when she entered. She loved all holidays and big family get togethers. She also loved to country and western dance.

May had a love for children and her seven nieces and nephews (at that time) remember her as being independent, having a good sense of humor and someone that loved life. This love for children led her to her first job working at a day care center. She went on to become a dental assistant for children. Through the years, she found a job that paid better as a Mail Carrier for the Post Office and she moved out on her own. Her dreams at this time were to buy a red corvette and to eventually settle down, get married and have children.

Even after she moved away from home she still came home at least two times a week to wash clothes and to eat a home cooked meal. But on June 7, 1984, she did not make her weekly visit. The Postal Inspectors called her mother and asked if she were the type of person that would just walk off the job because she did not come back from her mail deliveries. She was found two days later. She had been shot twice in the head and dumped out in the wooded area, someone would dump an old mattress to be hidden and hopefully never found.

She leaves behind her mother, Barbara Schatz, eight brothers and sisters, sixteen nieces and nephews, nine of whom were born after her death. Of these nieces and nephews, four were named after her. She also had one nephew born on June 2, 1999 that made her a great aunt. These ten nieces and nephews will never know her warm heart or her happy smiles. They will only be told of her loving memories.

Debora is very much missed by her family and the void that her loss has caused in their lives will never be filled.


David Isabel Port was born to an affluent family. On June 7, 1984 at the age of 17 he murdered Debora Sue Schatz while she was delivering mail to his house. He had a great anger for his parents whom threatened to send him to a Military School, but Debora was the one that was punished for this anger. As Debora walked up to his door to deliver their mail, he hit her over the head and dragged her upstairs to his room. When she came to, she broke free and ran down the stairs while he shot three bullets into her head. He posted bail and walked free for two years after he killed her. He also appealed the court decision of 75 years in prison three times. He has served 13 years for his crime and is expected to be set free in 2007. The Schatz family would like to know when they will be set free from his crime that has caused them so much suffering and pain.

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Deborah Schatz