David Michael Kelly II
18 Years Old

February 26, 1977 to February 1, 1996

My son David was the most remarkable person. David was murdered 24 days before his 19th birthday. He had the most amazing smile and incredible laugh. When he gave you a hug, you could feel his very essence. David loved children and all animals, especially birds. All of God's creatures great and small knew there was nothing to fear from him. David had a dog Scruffy, who died this year of cancer. He was 14 years old. He also has a dove named Feathers who will be 14 in January 2000. I take care of him now. David proudly served in the United States Army and had a vision of becoming a history teacher to middle school age students. History was one of David's interests. He was engaged to be married and wanted to have three children. David liked to snowboard, camp, bungee jump, rock climb, para sail, fish, golf, cliff diving, playing paint ball and to travel. In high school, David lettered in track. His favorite holidays were his birthday, Christmas and the Fourth of July and for the most part he managed to have fireworks for all of them. David has a sister, Adrienne, 16 and 1/2 months younger than himself and a brother, Daniel, 8 years younger. He also has on his father's side from another marriage a half-sister, Danielle and two half-brothers, Sean and Dillon. Daniel wanted to share a very special memory of his brother. The five of us had an opportunity to travel to Europe in April of 1995. David and Daniel were alone in a swimming pool in Germany when Daniel realized how much hair David had on his legs and toes. Daniel started to tease David by calling him Sasquatch and David turned on the whirlpool. Startled, Daniel went under the water and David jumped in to save him. Daniel realized at that moment that no matter what he did, his brother would always love him and stand by him. Nine months later David was shot to death. David's first nephew was born July 9, 1998 to his sister Adrienne. His name is Alexander Michael. Michael is David's middle name and it was passed on to Alex. I know that David will watch his nephew grow from heaven. We will make sure that Alex knows all about his uncle, how much he is missed. He will learn how David is a part of our everyday lives and memories. And how he will continue to be until we all meet again in Heaven. We love you David.

David was robbed and murdered by a burglary ring. Two men were apprehended and tried. Two were given plea bargains.

Eric Barnard (shot David): 1st degree murder sentenced to life with no parole.

Mitchell Gratz (gave order to shoot David): 1st degree murder sentenced to life with no parole.

David Lynn: 4th degree felony after the fact sentenced to 4 year deferred.

Scott Levi: 4th degree felony after the fact he has not been sentenced yet.

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David Michael Kelly