David Krulewicz
18 Years Old

December 17, 1961 to January 6, 1980

David Krulewicz of Levittown, Pennsylvania, loved the outdoors, hunting, fishing, anything to do with wildlife. His dream was to own his own shrimp boat and/or be a park ranger. Once, while fishing from a bridge near our home in Beaufort, South Carolina, he hooked a female sea turtle. It took him 30 minutes to get her to shore and another 30 minutes t get the hook out of her. When she swam out to the inlet a shark attacked and killed her. David grieved as if he had lost a dear friend. Of course, to him she was. David enjoyed, and was very good at sketching and loved to draw, especially boats and ships. He had so much compassion for everyone and everything God had put on this earth. It is so unbelievable that his life would end in such violence. He had a wonderful smile and sense of humor. He touched people in a special way, and had so many friends, young, old, black and white. This beautiful, loving life was cut short 19 years ago. Sometimes it seems just like yesterday! David is sorely missed by 2 brothers, 3 sisters, numerous friends and relatives and most of all by his mother. Every day we pray for understanding, answers and healing.

We all loved David so much and will never forget him. Good night sweet son!


David and his girlfriend had gone to a movie and on the way to take her home, they parked at "Lovers Lane" just blocks from her home. David had a van with tinted windows. Supposedly someone came from behind, reached in across the passenger side seat, where the girlfriend was sitting. David was just 2 weeks into his 18th year when he was shot 3 times and killed. Then the story goes that the unknown murderer pulled the girl out, raped her in the woods, put her back in the van and told her not to move for 30 minutes, which she did. The only person who knows the truth is the girlfriend. I found out later that her father was taken in for questioning, because he had publicly threatened to kill my son because he didn't want his daughter dating a "damn Pollack." Being one of the "good old boys" in town, he was released. I was not allowed by her family to talk to the girlfriend and her statement and medical reports were closed to me because she was a minor.

The funeral was the one and only time I saw or spoke to her or her family. There was not a scratch or bruise on her at that time, 3 days later.

The police were harshly criticized by everyone, including other police departments for the mishandling of this case. They never contacted me about anything again. I have never given up hope that some day there will be a break in the case. It can never bring my son back, but Lord what a load it would be off of the hearts that love David. If I only knew what to do.

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