David L. Boggs, III
2 1/2 Years Old

September 22, 1987 to August 28, 1990

Davey, as we called him, was not here for a long time. In his almost 3 years with us, well, he was just so cute. He and his older sister were just 10 months apart. He loved her so much. They did everything together. He loved to play baseball and could he bat. He loved french fries and hamburger, cut up. He loved playing cars and he even loved playing Barbies with his sister. We love and miss him so much.


Davey was killed at St. Eliabeth South Hospital in Northern Kentucky. He was suffocated by two nurses and a Medical Student who addressed himself as a doctor. All we could do was sue them civially because no one would take the case criminally because of who they are. Changes have been made since then - Medical Students must now wear tags and introduce themselves as students. But the student is now a family practice doctor - Dr. Dan Hoffman, last we heard, in Toledo, Ohio, and the nurses we've heard, are still there - Kathy Baker, R.N., and Debbie Eshman, R.N.

Even ten years later, it still hurts so bad.

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David Boggs