Darci Marie Giese
23 Years Old

January 4, 1968 to September 10, 1991

My name is Darci Marie Giese (The Kid). My husband Keith murdered me in Kitzigan, Germany on September 10, 1991. I was leaving him to go home to my family in Vancouver, Washington. I was an abused wife. I almost made it home, almost.

I'll always be 23 years old or younger in my family's memories. They will wonder and try to imagine what the rest of my life would have been like, had I lived. I was pretty, my Mom would say beautiful. I smiled a lot. People say I had a wonderful, infectious smile. I wanted children. I couldn't bear my own, but I knew that one day, somehow, I would be a mommy.

Dancing! How I loved to dance. I believe my fascination and love of dance began at age three when I took my first tap lesson. I danced all my life.

I was loyal and loving to family and friends. Even though I didn't always agree with them, I was honest and forthright in my opinions, but would soften my thoughts and deeds in compassionate response.

I was a happy person and people responded to my light-hearted personality. I loved fiercely! I cried for my husband Keith when I knew I was leaving him. I didn't want him to hurt. I felt a terrible sadness for him.

Some of my favorite things: children; playing cards (I was very good); sunbathing; my Mom and Dad; my brothers and sisters; driving my car; music; dancing; Christmas; shopping; Burgerville hamburgers; hot fudge sundaes; warm hugs; family reunions; being independent; rings on my fingers; friends; Pepsi; warm baths; doing special little favors for my family!

Darci was a wonderful, loving daughter and sister! We thank God every day for the 23 years she was ours to enjoy!


Twenty-three-year-old Darci Marie Giese (The Kid) of Kitzigan, Germany, was abused by her husband, Keith Coffey. Although he was on restriction at the Army base for threatening to kill Darci, on September 10, 1991, Coffey easily left the base and returned to their apartment where he strangled and drowned her in the bath tub.

Darci's family prefers to call her by her maiden name of Giese and do not use her married name of Coffey.

Keith Coffey was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life, then plea bargained to 70 years. He is serving his sentence in the military section of Leavenworth Prison in Kansas and will be entitled to a clemency hearing in September, 1996, after serving only five years.


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Darci Marie Giese