Danny K. Hoffmeister
44 Years Old

February 10, 1949 to July 1, 1993

Danny Hoffmeister, originally of La Miranda, California, was part of a typical family of four: his mother Thelma, his father Henry, and his younger sister Debi. He graduated from Neff High School in 1967, and went on to Cerritos College. He married in 1972, and settled into a career of a corporate buyer for home improvement centers for the next 22 years. He wanted and loved children, but was unable to have any of his own. He showered all this love onto his only niece, Jacy, and his only nephew, Nicolas. They were ages 13 and one at the time of his death. Not only was he close to his mother and father, but also to his grandmother Helen, his step-father Ollie, and his brother-in-law Joe.

One of the things Danny enjoyed most was his new Ford Mustang. He took pride in it, and pampered it like a child. He even had personalized plates on it. He was very interested in Mustangs and throughout his adult life, always had them. Other things Danny enjoyed was watching movies, going out to eat, and he just had to have his M&M's. He had candy dishes just filled with them. Danny also loved cats. His beloved cat "Mama" survived him by one year. She was cremated and buried with him.

Danny was a very meticulous person, always on time and dependable. He didn't drink, smoke, or do drugs. He was very much a neat-nik type of guy, which fit in perfect with his second job. Besides being one of two people buying hardware for seven stores, he managed the four-unit apartment where he lived. He would clean the apartments as the tenants left. Even though he complained about how dirty some people can be, we all know he was proud of his work.

Every year Danny would go to the National Hardware Conventions. He enjoyed these trips, which usually took place in Chicago. He was pampered by all the vendors - the best hotel rooms, the best food, everything. Being a native Southern California person, he got a taste of how people lived in blizzard weather. No matter how much fun he had, he would always be glad to get back home.

Danny will be missed by all who knew him. He has already made an appearance to the girl who found him. He cam to tell her that he is O.K. She hugged him and he left into the night.


At work on the morning of July 1, 1993, Danny checked his messages and found a message from James DeBacco indicating he was coming over that evening. Danny left work and was last seen washing his car at 4:30 by a neighbor.

Someone dropped James off at Danny's apartment. James wanted Danny's new car and Danny refused. James then repeatedly rammed Danny's head into the wall. James left with both phones, a diamond ring, Danny's wallet, and his car.

Not showing up for work the next day, his co-workers sent a girl over to check on him. She felt an urgency to get in when he did not answer the door. She broke into a bedroom window, then rounded the corner into the hall and found him covered in blood. With his facial features missing, she still hoped that he could be saved. Since the phones were taken, she ran across the street to get help. A construction worker came with a cell phone and called 911. The only thing the police had to go on was the name Jim and that he worked out at gyms. The police went to all the gyms in the area and found an address belonging to someone who fit the description. They went to that location and found James putting his own belongings in Danny's Ford Mustang. He had Danny's wallet in his pocket. James confessed and no bail was set.

The trial for James Leland Debacco is still pending.

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Danny Hoffmeister