Danny Duane Dopp, Jr.
22 Years Old

November 24, 1969 to March 27, 1992

Danny Duane Dopp Jr., born November 24, 1969 to Danny D. and Sherry A. Dopp in Adrian, Michigan, died March 27, 1992. Danny Jr. had one sister, Jamie Marie, stillborn January 30, 1974. Danny Jr. enjoyed many sports, playing basketball, and football while in school. he also was a 4-H member, winning many awards for showing steer, was an avid bowler, and roller skater for many years growing up. Prior to his death, he was on a softball and pool league. His passion was cars, going to a local dirt track to watch modified cars race, and truly enjoyed Nascar Stock Car Racing. Danny Jr. had many friends, he was a loving, caring person, always there when someone needed help. He had a great sense of humor, and was always on the go. Danny Jr. had one son, Christian Kyle Dopp, born May 22, 1991. Christian was his daddy's pride and joy and was only 10 months old when his daddy died. Life is so lonely for us now, there are no words to describe the pain and emptiness we feel. Hopes and dreams shattered of watching our son grow and raise his family. Yearning to hear the words mom and dad, missing his laughter, hugs and kisses. Danny Jr. will forever be loved and missed by many.


On Sunday March 15, 1992 about 2 am, our 22 year old son and his friend Richard Allen Stetten (Rick) were out partying and got into a fight over money and name calling.

Danny Jr. walked away in freezing 10 degree weather to go get his own car four miles away. While walking away, Rick got into his own car and at a high rate of speed, hit Danny Jr. He landed in a frozen field unconscious. Defenseless, Rick kicked Danny Jr. in the face, breaking every bone in his jaw and knocking out several teeth. Rick went back to his car and returned with a screwdriver, stabbing Danny Jr. in the face until one of the stabs penetrated the brain stem, leaving him clad in only blue jeans socks and shoes with no ID.

About 2 and 1/2 hours later, three young people found Danny Jr. along side of the road, at first believing he was a deer. Danny was on life support for 12 days before being pronounced dead on March 27, 1992.

Rick was charged with open murder, and two weeks before his trial pled guilty to second degree murder, sentenced to 35 to 70 years in Michigan State Prison.

In Michigan a prisoner can legally change their name one time. Richard Allen Stetten, prisoner ID no. A-226648, in 1994 was allowed to change his name to Karim Abdus Sabur. When, if ever he is released from prison, he may keep this name, or change it back to his commitment name. His first eligible parole date is September 1, 2020.

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Danny Dopp