Danny Lee Broadway
33 Years Old

July 1, 1951 to March 3, 1985

Danny Lee Broadway from Tonly, Alabama was a well-loved young man. He was married with seven children and was very dedicated to his family. Danny had three sons and four daughters. There are nine grandchildren he will never see.

Danny worked as a heavy-equipment operator. His favorite food was peanut butter cake.

Danny was very smart in high school. He graduated from Sparkma High School in Tonly, Alabama. He had been active in basketball and won every game he played in at Madison Cross Road School. They have trophies he won in a case.

Danny was six feet tall, blonde hair, blue-green eyes and so handsome. He was gentle and liked by everyone who knew him. He never refused anyone who needed help of any kind.

Danny’s mom and dad, four brothers Larry, Sonny, DeWayne and David and two sisters Debbie and Kathy miss him very much. His wife re-married but will never forget Danny.

We will never forget Danny. He was once my baby boy and I keep remembering him as a smiling baby who loved all his family.

Danny...we love you and will not forget your smiling face.


The boy who murdered Danny with a knife in 1985 is Kevin Hood of Giles County, Alabama.

In 1986, Danny’s case was solved by Giles County Judge Thomas. The judge gave Kevin Hood five years, 11 months and 30 days for Voluntary Manslaughter. He served only three years. Kevin Hood is out of prison and going-on with his life. He killed my son because he was jealous over his wife. My son had his own wife and was not interested in Kevin’s wife.

Kevin Hood is dangerous. He should be locked-away because I will never see my son again.

We need justice! The whole trial was a mockery because Kevin Hood had relatives who worked in law in Giles County.

Danny had a world of reasons to live and we, his family, will never get over this tragedy.

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Danny Broadway