Dana J. Russell
23 Years Old

May 25, 1963 to January 30, 1987

Dana J. Russell, of Rochester, Indiana, was a very independent, caring and compassionate young lady. She was a waitress, and had two sisters, three brothers, and a twin brother.

Dana and her mother would visit the local cemetery in the small Indiana town where she lived, to pull weeds from the grave sites, plant flowers, etc. Dana would invariably go to the older section of the cemetery. When asked why, she would quietly say: "The friends and relatives of those who are buried in this section are no longer around to tend to their sites."

Dana also loved animals and constantly had them in her presence.

Dana J. Russell, 23, of Rochester, Indiana, was on the scene when her boyfriend's brother was murdered by his adopted son. She was also shot by the son.

Jason Garver confessed to the murders, pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 90 years in prison.


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