Cynthia Lynn Williams
35 Years Old

August 24, 1958 to November 4, 1993

Cynthia Williams, of Oakland, California, was a beautiful person.

She graduated from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, in 1981, with a bachelor of science degree in business and a degree in accounting. She worked for Ford Motor Company as an internal auditor for several years. Her last position was in real estate sales working for a realty in Oakland.

Cynthia loved the beach and summer was her favorite time of the year.

She was her mother's best friend, and will forever live in her mother's heart.


Cynthia Williams, 35, of Oakland, California, was involved with a man that wanted complete control over her life. When she realized the kind of man that he was, she tried to get out of the relationship. But Dwight McCullough stopped her - with several bullets as she pleaded for her life on a 911 call.

Dwight McCullough is serving 25 years in prison for killing Cynthia.

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Cynthia Williams