Craig Russell Lane
17 Years Old

March 9, 1971 to January 8, 1989

Craig Lane, of Peterborough, New Hampshire, was a very hard working individual. At the time of his death, he was working part time as a teller at the Peterborough Savings Bank, as well as at the gas station where he was murdered. He was a Senior at Con-Val High School, and always made High Honor Roll. His family and friends knew him to be loving, caring and helpful - always putting the happiness of other ahead of his own.

He was known for his ability to take broken things apart, fix them and put them back together to make them work. He did this with no formal training. Craig's main interests were railroads, computers, the Titanic, the Boston Red Sox and auto racing. As per tradition, Craig and his father would attend Opening Day at Fenway Park every year and at least one Yankee vs. Red Sox game. His favorite player was Carl Yazstremski. Craig always claimed Yaz would make the Baseball Hall of Fame. Craig got to see Yaz hit his last homerun at Fenway and ironically, on the day of his murder, Yaz was named to the Hall of Fame. The next day their stories would share the front page of the Keene Sentinel.

Craig's interest in auto racing got him the chance to work on a pit crew at the Monadnock Raceway in Winchester, New Hampshire. The season after Craig's murder, their car and season were dedicated in his name. A checkered flag was put on Craig's grave.

When Craig was 11 years old, he went to live with his father, after his mother and stepfather decided to move to Colorado. He wanted to stay with family and friends. He made meals and took care of the house while his father worked. Craig's father was police chief in Greenfield, New Hampshire, and the only full-time officer. He often took home the police cruiser. Craig would get up at all hours to clean off the car and warm it up in case his father needed to leave quickly. He always reminded his father to get gas, too.

Craig amazed everyone with his ability to defy gravity. He would lay upside down in chairs and could read, do homework, watch TV, and even eat this way.

Craig had a pickup truck and you would often see him with his younger sisters in the back eating fries from McDonalds.

Craig is survived by two sisters, Michelle and Christine Lane of International Falls, MN and a brother, Patrick Shock of Colorado Springs, CO. He was lovingly known to family and friends as "Buddy." At the graduation service that he should have shared with his friends and classmates, a friend Shawn wrote and sang a song for him entitled "Buddy."


Craig Lane, 17, of Peterborough, New Hampshire, was working as an attendant at a Texaco Gas Station on Route 202 in Peterborough, New Hampshire.

At approximately 5:30 pm on January 8, 1989, a single male entered the booth Craig was in. A fight ensued with the assailant stabbing Craig once in the chest and six times in the throat. The assailant then took some money and fled across Route 202 into nearby woods.

A man and his daughter were pulling into the station at this time. The daughter got a good look at the assailant's face and was able to give the police a good description of him and his clothing. Meanwhile, the girl's father went into the booth and found Craig. He summoned the police and rescue squad. Craig died at the hospital a short time later.

The assailant has not been apprehended.

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Craig Lane