Corrine Ann Burns
26 Years Old

October 12, 1958 to May 30, 1985

Corrine Burns, of Coral Gables, Florida, was the youngest child of Glendalee and Tom Burns, and had three older brothers, Tom, Chris and Craig. She was also a loving aunt to six nieces and nephews.

Corrine, who was a cheerleader in high school, had been in the advertising field for four years and traveled extensively doing advertising promotions for Coca-Cola accounts.

She loved old movies, the blues, Stevie Ray Vaughn, collecting art deco and '30s and '40s clothes. Although she didn't drink, she loved old, smoky blues joints and was in her element in Menphis and New Orleans. She also loved to cook and sew. Corrine Kept in touch with all of her friends and was very devoted to her family.


Corrine Ann Burns, 26, of Coral Gables, Florida, was murdered on May 30, 1985, by Jeffrey Davidson, who broke into her apartment. Corrine, who was raped and strangled, was found by co-workers 12 hours later when they became concerned about her absence from work. Davidson made several trips back to Corrine's apartment, stealing several items and disposing of her body in pieces. Davidson also raped and shot three other victims who survived. He was convicted of murder and attempted murder and sentenced to four consecutive life sentences.

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Corrine Burns