Constance Marie (Gibson) Carrillo
8 Years Old

February 14, 1977 to September 15, 1985

Connie Carrillo, of Toledo, Ohio, was the second child in a family of four. Her older sister (by one year) shared her Valentine's Day birthday.

Connie loved her family and took care of all the babies in the large family. She would share her candy with her brothers and sister willingly.

Connie loved to go see her dad race at the Speedway and ride behind him on his motorcycle. She liked the song "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and her favorite cartoon was "My Little Pony." Connie's favorite foods were chicken and tacos.


Connie Carrillo, 8, of Toledo, Ohio, was playing with her two younger brothers, sister, and neighbor children when she was invited into the neighbor's house to see his spiders. She had been in the house before.

Pablo Pons II held Connie down, raped her, and hit her in the head with a brick. He hid her naked body in a trash bag and put it in the crawl space of his home. She was found after being missing for two days.

Pablo Pons II was sentenced to 31 years to life in prison. As of April, 1997, he remained in prison.

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Constance Carrillo