Christopher Conan Mike
4 Years Old

October 2, 1985 to December 2, 1989

Christopher was a child full of joy, energy and love. His interests were sports, hiking, bicycling and motorcycle riding. He had a love for nature, animals and people. He liked to help people and make them laugh and he had a real talent for that as well as many other things.


His life ended in a desert wash west of Phoenix where he explored and played and hiked with his father, Mark, and other family members. Christopher was left in the wash with three bullet holes in the back of his head. The gunman, James Styers, an unemployed Christian in Ministry School, was acting on behalf of Christopher's mother, Debra Jean Mike, with whom he had designed this plot. A third person, Roger Scott, a friend of Styers agreed to help as well and drove the car that was used and acted as a lookout.

Debra's plan included killing her ex-husband, Mark Mike, as well. Aftr a couple of botched attempts and Mark's departure to visit a brother out of state, the 3 killed Chris for fear he would tell his father of their plan, which they discussed openly in front of Christopher.

The three perpetrators were found guilty of 1st degree murder, conspiracy, kidnapping and child abuse. They have a seat on Arizona's death row.

Christopher will live on forever in the hearts of the many whose lives he touched and continues to touch.

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Christopher Mike