Christopher Michael Attig
19 Months Old

December 7, 1992 to August 4, 1994

Christopher Michael Attig (Chigger) of Murphysboro, Illinois, could not speak in sentences, but he repeated words when he wanted to. He was a loving, happy, rambunctious, mischievous, sweet, innocent boy and every good and precious adjective you could think of would describe him.

Christopher loved Kentucky Fried Chicken legs. He consumed corn on the cob, green beans, cooked baby carrots, mashed potatoes and bananas like they were going out of style. He'd pick up French fries and dip one end in ketchup and then take a bite from the opposite end. He devoured popcorn with his Paw-Paw and loved to ride the riding lawn mower with him. Christopher had an obsession for hats, trying to get three or four on at the same time. He also loved to swing in his airplane swing. He loved playing in the water and he didn't care if it was in his wading pool, the dog dish, bathtub or toilet. He had no siblings, but a family of many who loved him deeply and miss him terribly. Christopher loved to play hide-and-seek with his Uncle Timmy who couldn't have loved Christopher more if he were his own son. Christopher was such a joy to watch, and had such a sweet way about him. So full of love and life, a true joy to behold.

In dying, Christopher gave a better chance of living to two little girls. One who was his exact age got his heart and a 5-year-old child received his liver and large intestine. I'm sure Christopher has livened up Heaven and spends a great deal of time on Jesus' lap, just because Christopher loves to sit and cuddle, and Jesus always as time for his littlest angels.


Nineteen-month-old Christopher Michael Attig (Chigger), of Murphysboro, Illinois, was left in the care of his mother's boyfriend while she went to look for a job. Less than an hour later, Christopher was fighting a hopeless battle for his little life.

Gary Lynn Gould, a convicted felon, picked up Christopher and shook him so violently that it resulted in brain death. Doctors at St. Louis Children's Hospital stated that it was one of the worst cases of "shaken baby syndrome" that they had seen in the last 15 years.

Christopher was only 33 inches tall and weighed 35 pounds. His killer was 27 years old and stood 6' 1" and weighed 185 pounds - tiny Christopher did not stand a chance.

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Christopher Attig