Christiane Lofthus
20 Years Old

December 10, 1970 to January 27, 1991

Christiane Lofthus, of Vancouver, Washington, was a beautiful, loving, caring person. She loved all people. She cared deeply for others, helping them all of the time. She was truly an angel. When she made a friend, they were her friend for life. Christiane was brought up in a Christian home and dedicated her life to God. At the age of 10, she was baptized at her home church, Grace Baptist Church.

Christiane was a very talented girl. She could crochet and knit. She could sing and dance. Several times she won awards at the county fair for her singing.

Christiane took up gymnastics and was a cheerleader in her junior year of high school. She became a member of the "Trilogy Dance Team" her sophomore year and performed for the high school football team. She graduated high school in 1989 with a class of 600 plus students.

In 1984, she started cutting her friends' hair. She had a natural talent for it! During her senior year of high school, she got a job and also attended beautician school. Christiane graduated from beauty school in July 1989. She went on to a job at a beauty salon. Everyone there and at beauty school loved her.

Christiane had a great love for people and she projected it wherever she went. People couldn't help but love her back. She had such a warm and loving way.

Christiane would cut her many friends' hair and do their nails, but charge them very little. She would even go to their home to make it easier on them. Her friends even called her at her home after work.

Christiane had such a zest for life, such an untiring spirit. She would work long hours on her feet even though she was six months pregnant. She was making extra money for her family. Her husband continually took that money to buy drugs and alcohol.

All Christiane wanted was for them to be a family. Her husband was out all of the time after work, drinking and doing drugs, instead of being at home with his wife and family. She had to eat alone at night almost all of the time.

Her husband abused her several times, but she didn't want to leave him. She loved him and her marriage vows were very important to her. Christiane always believed and trusted in people. She didn't know her husband was on drugs, but she believed in him - that she could save her marriage.

She was a good mother to their little girl, Samantha, and loved the baby she was carrying. Christiane never got to see Samantha grow up, or see her little golden curls. She was denied being a mother and watching her children grow up. Christiane was robbed of her life, motherhood and happiness by vicious hands.


Christiane Lofthus, 20, of Vancouver, Washington, was murdered by her husband, Michael Lofthus, in the driveway of their home. He had been taking drugs and drinking alcohol when he arrived at their home. He decided to go back out and Christiane went outside, barefoot and six months pregnant with their second child, to try to get him to stay home. Michael bashed her on the back of the head with a sheet rock hammer, then gunned the motor of the truck. Christiane was halfway in the truck and was dragged several feet and left to bleed to death. Their little girl, 16-month-old Samantha, was alone in the house.

The police found Michael buying beer at a store a couple of hours later. Christiane was found about 30 minutes after the incident by a resident in the same mobile home park. He called an ambulance and they brought a blanket to cover her.

Christiane's parents were not notified until about midnight. When they arrived at the hospital, she was brain dead. Christiane never regained consciousness. She died around 2:00 am, January 27, 1991, of massive head injuries.

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Christiane Lofthus