Christa Leigh Hoyt
18 Years Old

November 20, 1971 to August 27, 1990

Christa Hoyt, of Gainesville, Florida, was a very beautiful young lady. She always had a smile. Her nickname was "glowworm."

Christa had a wonderful personality which attracted numerous friends. She loved to cook, camp, swim and play racquetball.

Christa was attending Santa Fe Community College on a scholarship, and she was employed at the Alachua County Sheriff's Office as a records clerk. Her ambition was to become a chemical engineer.

Christa's sister, Sandra, was only 16 at the time of the murder and still has a hard time relating about the facts.


Christa Hoyt, 18, of Gainesville, Florida, was one of five college students murdered by Danny Rolling in August of 1990.

Christa was found August 27, 1990 in her apartment when she failed to show up for work at the the Alachua County Sheriff's Office. She had been stabbed in the back, sexually assaulted, decapitated and mutilated in other ways.

Danny Rolling was convicted of five counts of murder and sentenced to death. An appeal was denied by the Florida Supreme Court on March 20, 1997. As of April, 1997, he was still on death row.

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Christa Hoyt