Charles Wayne Tallie
27 Years Old

April 4, 1961 to June 26, 1988

Wayne (his preferred name) was born April 4, 1961 in St. Louis, MO. He was an only child, but loved being with other children. He was very protective of children younger than him. He seemed to always have a lot of friends. He had a really neat sense of humor. Wayne loved the outdoors. Country outings down on the farm to trail ride, fish and hunt were among his favorite things to do from early childhood. Wayne was very bright and intelligent and after high school, he was very successful in construction work. At 24 years of age he married a lovely wife, Deborah, and they were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Toni, that he adored. Toni was only 2 years old when his life was ended abruptly. He was just starting to have a promising future in his own construction business when this all ended by a senseless murder by a drifting teenager. Toni is now 13 years of age and a straight "A" student. She is missing one of the most important ingredients of her life, her natural father. She misses him very much and sometimes has questions that are extremely heartfelt and not easy to answer. Life for all of Wayne's family has not been, nor ever will be the same because of the void that we all have in our hearts for our most missed loved one. As his mother, there is never a day that I don't miss him and wonder, what if? Or hear his voice, "Hey Mom, how about a sloppy joe?" We now have only memories, especially of his funny little jokes and pranks as a child. Wayne will always be sadly missed by all of his family and by his friends and acquaintances.


On June 26, 1988, our son, Wayne, went to a mid Tampa, Florida area near a housing project to bid on a concrete repair job. According to witnesses, a young black male approached his vehicle and shortly thereafter our son was fatally shot in the chest with a handgun.

Christopher Spain of Waycross, Georgia was taken into custody in September of 1989 and subsequently on March 30, 1989 was sentenced to 30 years for one count of Second Degree murder with the 3 year firearm mandatory and 15 years for one count of attempted robbery, each count to run concurrent with each other. He is also scheduled to serve 5 years of probation in Hillsborough County following his prison incarceration.

As of June 6, 1999, Christopher Spain, Inmate # 115811, was housed at Marion Work Camp, Medium Security, Florida Department of Corrections with a tentative release date of October 11, 2006.

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Charles Tallie