Charles Christian Schramek
15 Years Old

July 17, 1973 to July 2, 1989

Charles Christian “Chuck” Schramek from Dearborn Heights, Michigan was the sixth of six boys born to Carol and Joe Schramek. His younger sister Amy followed three years later. Chuck and Amy were “the icing on the cake.” Chuck was so precious as a child and was a companion to Amy, always looking after her. They played well together, never fighting and always sharing.

Chuck attended Montessori School for three years before first grade. He had a very pleasing and considerate personality.

Chuck was a big eater; he especially loved tacos and hot turkey sandwiches with gravy. He kept trim by riding his purple moto-cross bike along our mail-carrier Mike as he worked his route.

Chuck also loved being with his brothers and played drums and guitar with them. He loved cars and used to wash his brother Ed’s 1985 Mustang. He loved to listen to music as they cruised-along in it. He often had his brothers take him to a 7-11 Store for Slurpees which was his favorite drink.

When Chuck was six or seven, he drew colored pictures of his collection of Match-Box Cars. Later in high school, he drew his brother’s Mustang and his Math teacher’s Shelby Cobra. He had asked his mother to frame the drawing of the Shelby Cobra just before he left the house the last time. A photo etching of the drawing in on his gravestone.

Chuck was happy and fun-loving. He was a positive person. He always came home with a “Hi, Mom, Hi, Dad!” It was exciting to have him in our home...we loved him!


Chuck was with his older brother Ed in Ed’s 1985 Mustang GT.

They had stopped next to a red Camaro with five boys in it. When the Camaro took-off very fast, so did Ed but Ed cut-back on his speed when he and Chuck saw a bright flash from the Camaro. They wondered what it was...a firecracker? Another flash came from the Camaro and the car stopped. Ed stopped close to the Camaro and another flash occurred.

Aldo Gallina had just fired six shots from a .38 Caliber Police Special at Ed and Chuck.

Eric Rode, who was also in the Camaro, took the gun and reloaded it. He fired three to five shots, shouting “I got him...I know I got him!”

Ed asked Chuck “What was that, M-80’s or Bottle Rockets?” Chuck was unresponsive. Ed felt warm blood and knew Chuck had been shot.

Ed drove to the Dearborn Police Station where they put a portable respirator on Chuck and he resumed breathing. He was flown by helicopter to the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor.

A bullet had severed two sections of Chuck’s brain.

Chuck’s parents had hospital personnel remove life-support from Chuck and his heart stopped after 12 minutes.

Aldo Gallina and Eric Rode were both convicted of Second-Degree Murder. Each was sentenced to 15 to 30 years for Murder and two years on a Felony Gun charge.

Gallina is at Gus Harrison Prison in southern Michigan until August 2005.

Rode is at Ryan Correctional Prison in Warren, Michigan until 2005.

Each will have served 14 years when they are released. They each received three years of credit for “good time” on the 15 to 30 year sentence. They must complete their time with a good-conduct record.

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Charles Schramek