Charles Colclasure
47 Years Old

September 22, 1941 to July 30, 1989

Charles (Dickie) Colclasure was the best husband, father, son, uncle, brother, brother-in-law and friend. He was 47 years old when he was murdered. He had worked at a printing company for 27 years after his service in the Navy. He worked up from the lowest job to a salesman. He had one more day to work before he left to start his own business. We had been married 25 years and had three daughters. He taught his daughters to drive as well as their friends and his nieces and nephews. He was a softball coach and taught them to love to fish. He was the best son, going to help his aging parents whenever they called. We kept his grandmother for five years and my brothers for four years. He welcomed all company and enjoyed them. Our youngest daughter was only 7 when he was murdered, and she has missed out on so much that the older daughters learned. He worked at night so he could get them from school. He helped them with their homework and they miss him more each day. We have our first grandson and he will never know his grandfather. It's been ten years and it is still like the first day.


Charles Colclasure was 47 years old when he was murdered on July 30, 1989 by two young men (15 and 19) who wanted his car and his money. He was shot six times, run over by his own car three times and thrown into the Arkansas River. The young men went and got their girlfriends to go joy riding and then robbed his place of business since they had his keys. When he was found the next day, they left his car on the street. That night they tried to rob the Night Watchman at Little Rock Crate and Basket. He had a shot gun and got the drop on them. The next day they were arrested when they were trying to kill the 15 year old's brother, who had told neighbors they had killed Charles. They both confessed and both got life without parole. The 15 year old was an offender from the system in California and his mother brought him to Little Rock so he wouldn't get in trouble. The 19 year old had been in trouble since age 7, when he tried to strangle his teacher. He had been in every program to help him and was out on parole after serving 19 months for robbery. On November 29, 1995, the 19 year old stabbed Sergeant Scott Grimes to death while locked up on single man status at Tucker Maximum Security Prison. He kicked out the bottom of his cell door after working on it for days to loosen it. He received the death penalty for Sergeant Grime's death and is still on death row. Sergeant Grimes left a wife and five daughters.

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Charles Colclasure