Charlene Anderson
26 Years Old

February 18, 1961 to November 16, 1990

Charlene was exciting, loving, caring and full-of-life. She had two beautiful little girls. Allison was five and one-half years old and Carrie was only 11 months old when their mother was murdered.

Charlene was born a born-again Christian and enjoyed attending church regularly.

Charlene was a Dental Assistant and had worked in child daycare which she enjoyed very much.

Sisters Janet and Jean Anne miss their sister terribly. They had just begun getting really close after growing-up and having children of their own. They could have had such a wonderful life together.

Charlene lived with abuse from her husband for seven years and had finally found the courage to leave him. I was so proud of her and looked forward to her finding the happiness she so-deserved. The day he killed her, I lost a wonderful daughter and Allison and Carrie lost a wonderful mother. The girls have lived with me since that day but no one can take the place of a loving mother.

Although several years have gone by, it is still as painful today. There is not a day goes by that I do not ask “Why?” Charlene had so much to live for and it was all taken away.


At 11AM on Friday, November 16th, 1990, my daughter Charlene was cleaning a business I owned when her estranged husband Leon Douglass drove-up in his pick-up truck and shot her seven times.

He tried to claim in court that he just snapped because Charlene was leaving him, that he loved his two little girls so much and could not bear the thought of losing them.

He was convicted of Pre-Meditated First-Degree Murder and was sentenced to 25 Mandatory Years Without Parole. He immediately filed appeals and after two years, was granted another trial.

At his second trial, he was convicted again of First-Degree Murder and was given the same 25 year sentence.

He is serving his 25 years in a central Florida prison.

Leon Douglass will be in his early 50’s when he becomes eligible for parole. I consider that still young enough to have a daughter Charlene does not have that privilege.

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Charlene Anderson