Chad Lee Maurer
19 Years Old

May 11, 1971 to May 21, 1990

"Chad was our baby, our child, our son, our young man, our love for life." These world inscribed on the headstone of Chad Lee Maurer, 19, of Madison, Wisconsin. Chad had graduated from high school and working and saving money to move to Boulder, Colorado, to pursue his love of mountain bike racing and snowboarding. Chad trained every day by riding around the lake for one hour and then worked out in the gym for 1 and 1/2 hours. Chad also loved to BMX race, skateboard, and fish. We spent our weekends for over 10 years traveling with Chad to four different states to BMX race. Chad was dedicated to BMX and was in the top 10 in his district all those years of racing.

After Chad's death, we heard from other teenagers about how Chad was a good, patient teacher, teaching them to skateboard or snowboard. They told us he wasn't like the other kids who would make fun of them at the beginning when they fell a lot. Chad was always there with an encouraging word and never gave up teaching them. This part of Chad we never knew about.

Chad was a very loving and caring son. He always bought us cards for special occasions. After his death, my mom showed me all the cards Chad had sent her along with special notes. We also found out that Chad was a good listener and friend and always remembered his friends' birthdays with cards and special gifts. They miss calling Chad to talk to him about their problems. Chad took me out for breakfast and bought me a special card on what was to be my last Mother's Day with him. He loved people and he loved life, and he showed it because he always had a big smile on his face and laughed a lot. Oh, how we miss his smile, laughter, hugs, and "I love you."

Chad also loved animals and animal shows. He had an Irish Setter named Buffy, and a tiger cat named Boots which he played with all the time. At one time he wanted to be a forest ranger but his grades were not good enough to get into the school. Chad did not like school - especially his senior year. Chad was always on the go and always on the phone. How we miss all his comings and goings.

Chad was truly OUR LOVE FOR LIFE. He loved and was loved. It matters that Chad is gone.


On Saturday, May 19, 1990, 19-year-old Chad Lee Maurer had come home from work for lunch around 12:20 pm, and then left to return to work. One hour later, his parents decided to go to the hardware store which was three doors down from the bike shop where Chad worked. Chad's yellow mustang was not there, so they stopped in to ask if he was out running errands, but no one in the bike shop knew where Chad was.

Saturday seemed like an eternity to Chad's parents, and they knew this was not like Chad. On Sunday morning, Chad's parents began calling his friends, but no one knew where Chad was. On Monday, May 21, 1990, his parents filed a missing person's report which later proved important in getting Dane County involved. Then, on Monday night at 6:40 pm, the Chicago police called Chad's parents and told them that they had found Chad dead in a garage in Chicago in his '68 yellow mustang. The Chicago police called it a suicide, and although they told them there were no marks or blood on Chad, his parents found over 15 marks on Chad's upper body and hands.

After receiving pressure from Chad's parents and the Dane County Sheriff's Department, Chicago changed the manner of Chad's death to "undetermined." His parents believe that Chad was murdered but have learned nothing further about the circumstances of his death.

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Chad Maurer