Carol Lynn Lutz
24 Years Old

August 24, 1966 to May 4, 1991

Carol Lynn Lutz was a very loving, kind and giving daughter. She would always help anybody, or do anything she could for people. She always had a smile on her face and was a friendly person. Carol would go out of her way to help anybody. She would sometimes have her feelings hurt, but she never got angry.

Carol had so many things she liked to do. She loved dancing, listening to country music, roller skating and skiing. Carol graduated from high school in 1984, and later got a job at a warehouse pulling car parts for cars. She liked this job so much and she always said she was learning a lot. She liked the people she worked with, and they liked her. Carol liked spending time with her grandmother and was such a help to her. Carol is loved and missed so much, and it is very hard to put this in words, but we have prayed.


Carol went out on a Friday night to go dancing and listen to a band that was playing at a tavern. When she left to come home, there was a guy there who she didn't know and he didn't know her. He asked her for a ride. He kidnapped her, forced her in the trunk of her car and drove around all through the night. The next day, May 4, 1991, he parked her car behind a school and punctured her gas tank, and took a blanket from her car, soaked it with gas and lit it and threw it in her car and burned her alive in the trunk of her car.

The case is solved, and Daniel Wilson is who murdered her. He was convicted of her murder and given the death penalty. He is on death row, and has been there 8 years in Mansfield Prison. He had beaten an elderly man at 14 years of age, left him to die and the man died later from complications. Wilson was released from the Detention home at 17 years of age to kill again.

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Carol Lut