Carol Sue Klaber
16 Years Old

November 28, 1959 to June 5, 1976

Carol Sue Klaber from Fort Wright, Kentucky was looking forward to fall 1976 senior year at Dixie Heights High School.

Carol was our only daughter. She enjoyed cooking, sewing, singing in the bathtub, playing records and was into music. At the age of five, piano lessons started. Carol was also learning violin. She had been chosen by her piano teacher Hattie Schatzman to represent her students at the Ohio Music Teacher’s Association. Carol played both times at the Taft Museum.

Carol had a great sense of humor. She was extremely modest for a teenager and had a lot of empathy for underprivileged people. She was a volunteer candy striper at St. Charles’ Nursing Home. Carol had been a Brownie and Girl Scout.

Carol’s father passed-away from a heart ailment in 1970. She had two brothers; Charles, 21 and Thomas, 18.


As far as we know, Carol was kidnapped on Friday night June 4, 1976. She was going to eat supper with friends. It was not her habit to not let us know where or what she was doing.

The next night on the news, we heard that the body of a young girl was found in a ditch in Boone County. We called the Kentucky State Police. It was our daughter. She had been strangled with a heavy chain necklace she wore. She was raped and mortally wounded seven times in her head with an object similar to a jack-handle.

That is all we know. The killer(s) have never been found.

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Carol Klaber