Carlton Robin Hampton
16 Years Old

February 4, 1977 to April 4, 1993

Carlton Robin Hampton, of Chicago, Illinois, was born February 4, 1977 to Delois and Robert. He was the youngest child of five. Surviving are two brothers, two sisters, one grandmother and one grandfather.

Carlton was a gifted child - lovable and liked by many. After he died, his family discovered the impact he had on others.

Carlton was an honor student throughout his school life. He attended Newberry Academy Grammar School, where he graduated in 1991. He then attended Lane Tech High School in Chicago.

Carlton loved sports. He was very active in baseball, basketball, and volleyball. He received 16 trophies for his athletic skills. Carlton also received math and science scholarship ribbons from Newberry Academy.

Carlton attended Holiness Church of God and was baptized at an early age.

He had many friends of all ages and was teaching the younger children how to play ball.

Carlton had a beautiful smile that his family will always remember. He and his friend Hovan liked to spend the night at each other's houses.

Carlton, we love you. You are greatly missed.


On April 14, 1993, Carlton Robin Hampton, 16, of Chicago, Illinois, went to the Laundromat with his friend Jovan to dry clothes that Jovan's mother had washed.

They put the clothes in the dryer and went back to the car to wait for the clothes to dry. Carlton went back in to check the clothes, but Jovan stayed in the car. Four boys approached the car, looked in and walked away. As Carlton came out of the Laundromat, one of the four boys shot him four times from behind. Carlton died instantly. The four boys were gang members.

Robert Reed was convicted and received 50 years in prison for Carlton's murder.

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Carlton Hampton