Carlos R. Luna
23 Years Old

April 24, 1969 to May 21, 1992

Carlos Luna, 23, of Denver, Colorado was born on a Thursday and he died on a Thursday. When he was born, he only weighed three and a half pounds. A month later, he went into heart failure and the doctor said he could die. He survived.

When Carlos was two and a half years old, he underwent open-heart surgery to repair two holes in his heart. He also had a lot of medical problems such as asthma. The doctors also watched him for glaucoma.

Carlos was the youngest of two boys. He was very affectionate with his family and friends. He attended a private school. Most of the kids at the school stayed with the same classmates from the first to the twelfth grade.

Carlos switched to public school in the eleventh grade. He had a hard time adjusting to the lax rules, so he got into trouble. He started to run around with the wrong kind of kids. When he died, his only child was two and a half years old.


The day Carlos was shot was May 20, 1992. It was a nice spring evening. There were lots of people out-and-about. There was a party across the street at 13th and Vrain where Carlos lived. Carlos was outside his home, talking to three of his friends. There was a party going on in the apartment building across the street where he lived. Some people got into their cars and left the party. Carlos yelled at them to turn down the music. At the time, there were three people in the car; two were males and one female. The people in the car had words with Carlos and his friends. They circled around the block and came back. At that time, there were only the two males in the car, the female was not in the car. The person who was sitting in the passenger seat had a gun and the window was open. Carlos stuck his head inside the car and was shot near his nose. The bullet went directly into his brain. He was killed instantly. He was taken to the hospital where he was put on life-support. His room mate called and told us what happened and said Carlos was being taken to the hospital by ambulance.

At the time, we thought it was a drive-by shooting. There were no suspects.

As of today, it remains an unsolved homicide.

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Carlos Luna