Carl Dean Theriot, Jr.
21 Years Old

February 16, 1973 to April 20, 1994

Carl Dean Theriot Jr. liked to go by Dean. Dean was a very easy going person, he loved life. He was our only child and only 21 years of age when he was murdered. He couldn't wait to make 21. He lived only two months after that, leaving so many things undone.

Dean's hobbies were reading, computers and music, he played the guitar. He liked all kinds of music but I think he favored rock a little more than the rest. He loved children and at times he would baby sit for family or friends. They loved him because he would take the time to watch them. They would always play cards or games in his room. He was a graduate of Franklin Senior High School at at one time was thinking about going into the Army. He loved animals and hated it if he would see someone mistreat them. He had so many kinds of pets when he was growing up. He also loved roses and had planted a rose bush outside his window. I remember not long after his death, it bloomed. It's gone now, maybe a sign that all is well with him now that everything is over. Dean wasn't picky when it came to eating. He would eat just about anything. He had a truck, motorcycle and several cars. He loved nice vehicles. His favorite holiday was Christmas. Each year at Christmas time, he would look forward to decorating the tree. He was always like a kid and trying to take a peek at his presents.

He was a generous person, always willing to help those in need and was always there to talk to people about their problems. He had talked about being married and having lots of children. He had a lot of dreams and got to see some come true. But for the rest, they will only be memories for us to hold on to. He was a beautiful person and we miss him very much.


Carl Dean Theriot, Jr., aka "Dean", was our only child and only 21 years of age. He was murdered in cold blood on April 20, 1994. Shot in the head 3 times by his best friend Marty James Hebert, because Marty was jealous of his girlfriend and Dean's friendship. He had planned the murder and one night invited Dean to go for a ride. On that night, Marty took our son out on a lonely cane field road and ended their friendship and our son's life forever. Then left him in the road.

For a long time Marty kept denying he had nothing to do with Dean's murder, but on July 4, 1995, Marty turned himself in to the St. Mary's Parish Sheriff's Department. The trial began in April of 1996 and lasted a total of 5 days with jury selection and all. He pled "not guilty," but was found guilty of second degree murder. The evidence was against him and he was sentenced to life in prison without the benefit of parole or pardon. Of course, we all know what that means, "maybe" he'll never get out.

He is serving his time out in Angola State Prison in St. Francisville, Louisiana. We are satisfied with the sentence as long as it sticks, but we have to keep track because of all the appeals he'll get while serving his time. He has already made many attempts, but has failed.

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