Bryan Keith Smith
20 Years Old

August 1, 1973 to May 8, 1994

Bryan Keith Smith, of Wilmington, North Carolina, was a very thoughtful person. He was a patient, loving young man with the most beautiful eyes in the world. He had a wonderful sense of humor and a smile that would light up a room. Bryan played baseball and loved to surf. He was an excellent swimmer. Bryan was a high school graduate and was working. He had his twin brother, Marion, shared an apartment and did everything together. Marion recently fathered a child and named him after Bryan. Bryan's memory is cherished by his Mom and Dad, his sister Heather, Marion, and his nephew Rhyan who he loved and taught to say "uncle" when he was only 11 months old.


On Sunday, May 1, 1994, at approximately 8:30 pm, 20-year-old Bryan Keith Smith left his apartment with a friend to go downtown to a bar called The Ice House. Friends stated that they partied until the early morning hours of that next morning, which was the last time they saw him. Bryan was seen later that same day at approximately 11:00 am on Highway 17 in Brunswick County. He reportedly had his hands in the air and was in the presence of four people at the Town Creek Bridge. Bryan's body was found May 8, 1994, six days after being in the creek. His throat had been slit and he was wearing only his shirt and socks. His murder remains unsolved.

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Bryan Smith