Brian Nick Palacio
24 Years Old

December 25, 1970 to October 14, 1995

Brian Nick Palacio, of San Antonio, Texas, was born December 25, 1970. We always thought he was special, especially being born on Jesus' birthday. He was always full of life and had a heart and smile that gave you such joy just to be around him.

He was a young man that was very ambitious and had goals and dreams that he wanted to conquer. One of his precious moments was when he won the Golden Gloves in 1990. We were all so proud of him. His dream was to be a professional boxer, but it all came to an end on October 14, 1995.

On October 14, 1995 in San Antonio, Texas, Brian and his friend William had gone to the San Juanto to visit William's mom. They had gone to the neighborhood grocery store, coming out of the store, they saw four gang members beating on a young boy. Brian told William, "Let's go help the boy" and William replied, "We better leave it alone," but Brian persisted because they were crushing a bottle on his head and were determined to kill him. So they went and fought them off. The ambulance and police arrived. The police asked if the wanted to press charges, but they said "No." They didn't want any trouble. They just wanted to help the boy. About an hour later, when they were in William's mom's back yard, there was a surprise attack from these gang members. Brian was against the wall of the little house, and was shot 8 times. His friend William made it in the house and was shot in the legs. Brian died in William's mom's arms, choking on his own blood, with the grace of God he said, "Tell everybody I love them," and died. I felt grateful that William's mom was there at the last moments of his life and I thanked her the next day.

At the time of this writing Brian's case has not gone to trial yet. It's been over 2 and 1/2 years.

We just want to tell our hometown of San Antonio and the whole world how it feels to lose a loved one. Your life can never be the same after such a tragedy.

The Palacio family


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