Brian Ray Miller
18 Years Old

October 1, 1973 to October 19, 1991

Brian Ray Miller, of Phoenix, Arizona, had just celebrated his eighteenth birthday two weeks before his murder. He had graduated from high school the previous June as an honor student and a four-year Air Force Junior ROTC cadet. His dream had always been to have a military career like his father, but as a pilot in the Air Force. Unfortunately, his senior year and the war in Iraq changed that dream for him. Brian realized then that war was real and it took lives. He knew he would never be able to take someone's life. He gave up his military dream and started classes at a local community college. How ironic that he knew he could not kill, just from the reality of war, and that someone else his own age took his life with no regard whatsoever.

Brian loved sports including soccer and baseball. He had over 10,000 baseball cards which he collected, but his true love was basketball. Bowling was also a favorite. Brian and his father worked on car engines together and were rebuilding a mustang for Brian. They were to crank it up the day Brian was killed.

Brian was the type of person that everyone liked, respected and wanted to be friends with. He wrote poetry like his mom and was the only sibling of his sister, Christie. He was four years older than Christie and was her best friend and protector.

One of my favorite memories of Brian happened when he was 14. He rode his bike to the shopping center near us to search the dumpsters for treasures! A short time later, he returned with a huge, five foot blue and white stuffed bear which he had brought to his sister. The bear was named "Dumpster Bear" and sits in the corner of Christie's room, oddly unbalanced to the room's small size, but in perfect balance to the love he represents. He is a precious reminder of who Brian truly was and will give us cause to smile amidst the tears always.

Love lives forever. We love you Brian.


On October 19, 1991, 18-year-old Brian Ray Miller, of Phoenix, Arizona, was murdered while walking his girlfriend, Lisa, home from work. The murder occurred in a nice, family-oriented neighborhood a few blocks from Brian's home. He was accosted by a gang member who shot at his feet while demanding his wallet. When Brian asked if he could keep his driver's license, he was shot in the shoulder. After handing over his wallet, Brian was shot again in the chest, killing him instantly.

Charles Aderonmu was allowed to plead guilty and was sentenced to seven years in prison. As of 1996, he has served four years of that sentence. Two other young gang members who participated in the robbery were also allowed to plea bargain. Kendall Richardson received seven years and another received 20 years.

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Brian Miller