Brian D. Higgins
21 Years Old

September 18, 1972 to May 23, 1994

Brian D. Higgins, of Duncanville, Texas, was a kind, caring, sensitive, loving, and handsome young man who was well-liked by all and loved by many. He was a very good little boy to raise - very compliant and obedient - a real pleasure and joy to his family. He grew into a typical teenager with his many moods and desires to be like his friends.

Brian had one sister, ReneƩ who was ten years older and whom he adored. He made friends easily and seemed always to have lots of friends. He was rather quiet and shy around family, but his friends say he was very outgoing and funny with them. They praised him for his great sense of humor and tremendous loyalty and kindness - a friend who would always "be there" for you. The girls said he was a "perfect gentleman." Brian was a gentle young man - not aggressive at all and did not make an enemy easily. He was very athletic and from an early age, loved the outdoors, sun, water and sports. He also loved cars and girls! He played T-ball, soccer, basketball and ran track in his early school years. He loved volleyball and football in junior high and high school, playing football for the Duncanville High School Panthers all four years. He also served on the Student Council. Brian attended Texas Tech University at Lubbock for one year pledging Phi Delta Theta fraternity. He then went to Daytona Beach, Florida, with his two best buddies to rest from school work and be "beach bums"! They stayed in Florida for nearly a year, then returned home to Texas. Brian was working at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas while trying to decide when and where to continue his college education when he was murdered.


On May 23, 1994, Brian D. Higgins, 21, of Duncanville, Texas, and several of his co-workers at the Lowes Anatole Hotel got off work at midnight. The four guys and one girl went out together to Snookie's restaurant, Bar & Grill. The girl had been dating Andrew Morrison, a security guard at the Anatole. Morrison came in to Snookie's looking for his girlfriend who had allegedly stood him up for a date that night.

Morrison had been drinking and continued to drink while arguing with the girl. When the restaurant closed at 2:00 am, all six of them walked to the parking lot. The girl confiscated Morrison's car keys because he was too drunk to drive and asked Brian if he would drive Morrison home and then meet the rest of them at Denny's for breakfast, to which Brian agreed. When they reached Morrison's apartment, he shot Brian in the head.

Although the motive is unknown, it is believed that Morrison was either angry because his keys had been taken away from him or he was jealous of Brian. Co-workers stated that the girl had been "coming on" to Brian at work for some time. Whatever the reason, it was a senseless act of violence that took the life of a fine young man doing a favor - a "good Samaritan" act - for a friend.

Morrison was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to 55 years in prison, where he remains at this time.

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Brian Higgins