Brian Dalton
18 Years Old

April 10, 1972 to February 20, 1991

Brian Dalton, of San Jose, California, had a wonderful sense of humor and a very kind heart. He would spend hours trying to help his friends. He always had a lot of friends.

He was a very good looking young man with long, light brown hair and hazel eyes. He had a beautiful smile which he displayed often. Although he was only 18 when he was murdered, he carried an organ donor card in his wallet.

Brian was a natural athlete, he started playing soccer at age 5. Later he was on a football team and involved in several track and field events. The long jump was his favorite, although he won medals in them all.

He was very smart and started communicating comfortably with adults at a very young age. Brian loved music. He enjoyed singing and wanted to learn to play the guitar. He loved to eat and raved about everything him mom cooked. He was very easy going and had a very loving heart.


Brian Dalton, 18, of San Jose, California, and a friend, Keith, were buying cigarettes at a convenience store around midnight on February 19, 1991, when they were approached by two young men in need of a ride home. After they offered gas money, Brian and Keith agreed to drive them home. When they arrived at the destination, Brian got out of the front passenger seat so the young men could get out of the back seat. At that time, Keith was in the driver's seat and could not see what happened. The killer, John Richards, said he pulled out a gun to rob Brian. He claimed that Brian hit the gun and it went off. Brian was shot in the head. Keith heard the gunshot and saw Richards and the other man run, and Brian fall to the ground. Keith drove to the hospital emergency room, which was a few minutes away. They came with an ambulance and put Brian on life support. Brian was brain dead. John Richards was arrested two days later.

John Richards was convicted of second degree murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison. As of April, 1997, he remained in prison.

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