Beth Ann Bosworth
16 Years Old

August 30, 1977 to December 18, 1993

Beth Ann Bosworth, of Crystal Lake, Illinois, attended a Lutheran elementary school where she became a cheerleader in the 5th grade. When she went on to high school, she was also a cheerleader and always on the honor roll. In addition, Beth worked part-time at the grocery store and spent a lot of time baby-sitting her nephew Cody. She and her friends liked to have sleep-overs. She and her mom, Patricia Bosworth, traveled a lot. Beth Ann Bosworth was a wonderful blessing.


On December 18, 1993, 16-year-old Beth Ann Bosworth was murdered while baby-sitting her nephew, Cody, in Burtons Bridge, Illinois. Dale Kauke broke into the home and tried to rape her. Beth fought him and he stabbed her 30 times, puncturing her lungs. She locked herself in the bathroom where she died. Kauke set fire to the house. A neighbor rescued Cody. Kauke was convicted of murder and is in prison serving a natural life sentence without parole.

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Beth Bosworth