Aubrey Eugene Maloy
"Peter Rabbit"
31 Years Old

November 7, 1962 to August 25, 1994

Aubrey Eugene Maloy of Chino, California, was a fun loving person. He liked being around people. He liked to say things and do little comical things just to see other people's facial expressions. He was loved by all his loved ones and friends. Aubrey was a high school dropout. He enjoyed outdoors life. His hobbies were listening to his favorite music, cars, roller skating, watching videos, and going to the movies. He was a mechanie and handyman. His favorite foods are hot sauce, tom roman noodles, and pickled pig's feet. He was the youngest of 6 siblings. He was the father of 4 children. We miss you Aubrey "Peter Rabbit."


Aubrey was shot 4 times standing in his nephew's yard (driveway) on August 25, 1994 in Pomona, California. No one has been arrested for his murder. Aubrey's case still remains unsolved.

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