Anthony Brett Payton
22 Years Old

February 22, 1972 to January 12, 1995

Anthony Brett Payton of Clanton, Alabama was a person who easily made friends. He was very independent and loved to investigate and discover new things. He did not care for playing sports as he was growing up, even though he was involved in sports for a few years. He was very good at doing things with his hands. He could tear apart almost anything and put it back together. He went hunting some after the age of 10, but didn't like to kill animals. He liked spicy foods, but not a lot of desserts. After the age of 14, he developed an interest in Civil War Reenacting. He joined a group called 4th Alabama. He was good at firing a cannon, shooting powder guns and acting out a Civil War Soldier in Battle. He took great interest in the Civil War. We purchased the entire set of Time Life Books on the Civil War. He knew about every leader, every battle, and every consequence of the war. At age 20, Brett entered George Wallace Junior College, but didn't remain there long. He was interested in too many things at this age to decide which career he would set as a goal to work toward. He knew a little bit about a lot of things and was a great story teller. He could keep a group laughing and full of suspense. His teacher at church would laughingly ask me about his stories, because he thought they were too incredible to be true. Entertaining his friends and making his tales believable was evidence of the knowledge he gained from his desire to read and gain information from many sources. As Brett was growing up, he loved to try new things. Many times he didn't think of the danger his new discoveries might create. For example, jumping ramps in his four-wheeler at age 9, riding 2 or more miles away from home on his bike at age 7, or urinating on an electric fence at age 8. He had a very tender heart, but on the other hand could be so stubborn that no one could make him change his mind. He always succeeded in accomplishing what he really wanted to do. He had determination, endurance and persistence. The first Star Wars came out when Brett was young. This fascinated him. He wanted to begin collecting Star Wars figures, ships, dolls, etc. Those that he collected were the first to be manufactured, and we still have them today. As he grew older, he enjoyed looking at his collection and adding to it. Brett loved to help other people. Many times he would give them things he needed himself. He once gave his coat to a young boy who needed a ride, because it was cold and the boy didn't have a coat. He would often take a friend to school who didn't have a car, and risk being tardy himself. But sadly, he tried to help the very person who murdered him.


Brett was in his mobile home on Thursday, January 12, 1995 at 7:00 p.m. Mrs. Jennifer Pfeiffer came in unexpected as she had for several weeks. He asked her repeatedly to leave him alone and stop calling and coming to his trailer. Thinking she had left, he got up from the couch and went to the restroom, returned and sat back down. She came up behind him and shot him in the back of the head.

The deputies let the police come in and handle the gun and move and touch other things. Because Jennifer told them Brett shot himself, they never took pictures of her torn hand or got a statement. The bullet entry and her hand proved this a lie.

Eight months later the Grand Jury found her guilty. The locals did nothing to find her so we hired a private detective. She stayed in jail over a year, but when trial was set they released her for lack of evidence. It was insufficient, had been misplaced, or destroyed.

She is still free. We can't get positive results or closure. District D.A. Janice Clardy appointed ABI James Simpson to investigate, but we can't get any information on his case or information on what they're doing. No one seems to care about our son. We pray that God will bring evidence or witnesses on our behalf. Our lives will never be the same.

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Anthony Payton