Annette Marie Doucette
30 Years Old

May 22, 1960 to October 1, 1990

Annette Marie Doucette, of Cincinnati, Ohio, grew up in Imperial Beach, California. She was in 4-H, Girl Scouts, played softball and was the Team Queen.

When Annette was in the fifth grade, she taught dog obedience at her school and was the San Diego County winner for dog care in 4-H at the age of 15. Her hobby was showing dogs, and from the age of nine until her death, Annette participated in shows across the United States and Canada.

She was a wife, the mother of Krista, daughter of Ray and Carleen Doucette, and sister of Ray and Sheila Doucette.


Annette Marie Doucette, 30, of Cincinnati, Ohio, had filed for a divorce and gotten a restraining order against her abusive husband, Ronald Brewer. Three days later, Brewer pushed his way into Annette's home, forced her into the garage and shot her in the head and chest, and then committed suicide.

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Annette Douchette