Ann Christine Gay
47 Years Old

December 9, 1948 to February 10, 1996

Ann Christine Gay, of Austin, Texas, was a very happy and outgoing person. She loved all and any kind of animal or bird. She delighted in camping out and growing roses. She loved all people, both young and old. She did volunteer work for Meal on Wheels. She was a counselor at the Travis County Jail. She owned her own business, which was related to helping the elderly. She graduated high school in Denver, Colorado.

"Chris" was murdered in her duplex in a quiet neighborhood. Mark Roller had been watching her for some time and knew her habits. Mark had made friends with her dog and knew that the dog was let out the front door of her duplex every night. Mark caught the dog and put him in Chris's backyard. When the dog didn't return when Chris called, she stepped out the door, where Mark was waiting for her with a rock in his hand. He hit Chris in the head and dragged her back inside where he robbed and raped her and then bludgeoned her to death. The police said she put up a good fight!

Mark Roller pled guilty to Capital Murder. He was sentenced to life without parole - 40 years.


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Ann Christine Gay