Angela Jean Stufflebeam
15 Years Old

October 27, 1975 to April 18, 1991

Angela Jean Stufflebeam was born on October 27, 1975, in Bradenton, FL. She grew up in Bradenton and Sarasota, FL. until the age of 9, when she moved to Columbus, OH., which is where she lived until her life on earth was taken. As she grew up, the promise of a wonderful and special person grew in her. Her smile was her real beauty. She would radiate a room with her presence.
She was an honor roll student throughout middle and high school. In high school she participated in a future teachers program, worked with the school newspaper staff, was an office helper, was on the tennis team and was chosen student of the week on April 8, 1991. Angela helped her mother with mission work at church and participated in the youth group there as well. She was considering becoming a missionary, a teacher or maybe even perhaps both together after she completed college.
She wrote many poems and some stories which her parents self-published in a book titled “Poems and Stories From The Heart of Angela Jean Stufflebeam”. Proceeds from the sale of her book helped provide college scholarships for her friends in what would have been her graduating class from Independence High School in Columbus, OH.
Angela loved her pet cat, Amber and dog, Cotton. She was loved by many family members and friends who miss her very much.

Angela you are loved so much and will NEVER be forgotten,
All your Family and Friends

(A poem which Angela wrote) Thinking about memories
Is blissful to me.
While I shall smile,
Others will weep.
It was a time
For learning and sharing
A time of caring and discovering ourselves
In a whole different world,
Doing things
We could never do before.
I hope that you were blessed to read about Angela as much as we were blessed to have her with us for 15 1/2 years. She did so much for so many people while she was with us and her shining light and compassion will always remain in the heart of others.


She was brutally raped, strangled, and murdered in her own home on April 18, 1991, and then went to be with our Heavenly Father at the age of 15. To know that she is with God, who embraces her, is what comforts all who knew and loved her. Angela is missed very much and memories of her and all our love for her will be with us for eternity. That can never be taken away.

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Angela Stufflebeam