Angela Faye Hackl
18 Years Old

December 9, 1968 to June 15, 1987

Angie was a kind, loving girl. She loved life and all kinds of people. She was always friendly. She had many things she enjoyed doing: jogging, biking, swimming, dancing, bowling, and she also loved cooking. She attended grade school in Lone Rock and Junior and Senior High in River Valley at Spring Green. She loved her family very much and we loved her twice as much. We will miss her always. She is survived by her father, mother, and one brother. She was preceded in death by a brother, Randy, 4 years earlier in a car accident.


The murderer's name is Terry Volbrecht of Sauk City. She was killed in 1987 on June 12. She lay in the woods for three days with three gunshots in the back, a tire chain around her neck, tied to a tree. The case was investigated for two years. Terry Volbrecht was arrested in 1989.

We went to court and he was convicted by a Sauk County Jury. He is serving life plus 20 years for the murder and rape of Angie. He has served 12 years and is still in prison. I hope he never gets out.

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Angela Hackl