Amy Lynn Lackett
31 Years Old

October 12, 1961 to November 12, 1992

Amy was a graduate of Glassboro State College. She was a physical education teacher, dedicated to not only teaching, but fostering self-esteem in all of her students.

Amy was a very spiritual person. She was caring and sensitive to the needs of others, especially the poor and underprivileged. She visited the elderly, bought clothing for children, spent extra time with the child who lost her mother. The irony of her murder, she would have handed her money over. Like all murder, it was so senseless, so cruel.

Amy had raised money to buy physical education equipment for two mission schools in Mississippi. She was a physical education teacher who loved teaching and who especially wanted to teach these children when she heard they didn't have a physical education program in their schools.


She returned home from teaching on the afternoon of November 12, 1992, to discover a robber who had broken into her home. Our precious, beautiful Amy was then beaten to death. Her spirit will always live on in the hearts of her family, friends and students.

Karl Doss Ware, the murderer, was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison with no parole, thank God.

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Amy Lackett