Amy Leigh Ayers
13 Years Old

January 31, 1978 to January 6, 1991

Amy Ayers, 13, of Austin, Texas, was a cowgirl who loved people and animals. She loved the outdoors and activities associated with it, such as fishing. Horses were always an important part of her life. At age three she began showing horses and continued until death. In recent years she had shown "cutting horses."

She had trained her dog basic commands and some tricks. She had a special way with animals. Animals would approach her when they would run from others. Amy's older brother, Shawn, competed in rodeos and she went to support him whenever she could. She was on Burnet Middle School's Annual (Yearbook) staff. Amy was Vice President of Lanier High School's Junior Future Farmers of America. She showed hogs at the Travis County Livestock Show. She also participated in the Arts and Crafts Fair at the Livestock Show.

Amy's dream was to be a veterinarian, own a ranch and continue to show horses.


Amy and Sarah Harbison had planned for Amy to spend the night at Sarah's. They would go to North Cross Mall and look around the stores, then Jennifer (Sarah's sister) would come from her job at "I Can't Believe It's Yogurt" just a few blocks away and pick them up. They would stay at the store with Jennifer and Eliza Thomas, another friend, until closing and then Jennifer would take them home. Everything had gone according to plan until around 11:00 pm. Unknown persons entered the store, apparently to rob it and confronted the girls. All four girls were bound and shot in the head. Amy was shot twice. The store was set afire. A policeman on patrol noticed smoke around 11:45 pm and called in a fire alarm. The case remains unsolved.

The three girls mentioned above are also on the Murder Wall...Honoring Their Memories.

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Amy Ayers