Adrian Caldwell
20 Years Old

November 5, 1976 to September 5, 1997

Adrian D. Caldwell, was born fourth in a line of five sons. He was always called my bicentennial baby as he was born in 1976 on November 5. He was a beautiful child with reddish brown curly hair and fair skin. Always the prankster loved by everyone who met him. He was very acrobatic and enjoyed doing somersaults. Affectionately known by family and friends as Toowie, Toowie Cat and by me as TooPoppa! He attended school in Kansas City, Kansas and would have completed his 12th grade year at Wyandotte High School. Adrian worked at McDonalds, Wendy's and J&G Pallet Company and longed to have his own business one day. He was very interested in real estate and co-owned a couple of properties in the Kansas area. Adrian loved children, especially his nieces and nephews, knowing he would never father a child of his own because of an accident with injuries. He was then only 11 years old. My son Adrian was very helpful around the house and anywhere else I needed him. Very responsible, a joy to be around. He had finally met and planned to marry a really nice young lady who already had two very young daughters, so he would have his own family. He often spoke of it, but alas, that was not to be. Cut down from behind were the last words I can remember as I sat at the hospital on that fateful night, September 5, 1997.

One year ago today, September 5, 1997, a cowardly monster took your life away. With no remorse, regrets, consideration or compassion for those of us who love you and are missing you with every passing day. You were my sunshine boy, my ray of hope, my love child, my bicentennial baby. Ever so special, no one can ever know the anguish or the hurt and pain that dwells in me. I miss you so much that at times I feel I can't go on. The thought of you being with our father God in heaven is the only comfort that I have to hold on to. Toowie, though they keep telling me that they are still working to solve your murder, my faith in the justice system has truly diminished. Just barely eight months after we lost you, some demons called upon your house and gunned down your baby brother and his friend. There is no justice - no peace! Where will this all end? Babies killing babies, blacks killing blacks. How many mothers will have to cry themselves to sleep or walk around in a daze, wondering where their baby or in my case babies have gone? And how did it come to this?

Love Eternally

There is only one thing that is as close to God as a human being can get and that is a Mother's love - she loves unconditionally. I thank God for the opportunity of being your mother.


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Adrian Caldwell