Aderyl De Andre Caldwell
18 Years Old

December 22, 1979 to May 1, 1998

"Innocence Gone"

Aderyl, when you were born I gave you a name that no other person shared. Your name was unique, just as you were. You stood all alone at four months old, you walked all alone at seven months old. Every one that came in contact with you always remarked "How old is this child? I can't believe he's walking and talking like this." But, indeed you were truly amazing, highly intelligent and advanced far beyond your years.

"Where has the innocence gone?"

I often wondered what miracle has been bestowed upon me? And I'd look at you and see an innocent face that would melt the average person to a smile.

"Where has the innocence gone?"

From Boo Baby to Boo Man to what you affectionately called yourself "Boo Bear" because you were truly my Baby Boy. I only wish that those monsters who took your life had gotten to know the truly amazing young man that you had become with "Innocence Gone."

Aderyl DeAndre Caldwell was laying asleep at 1406 N. 11th St., Kansas City, KS on April 30, 1981. Shortly after midnight, which was May 1, 1998, some unknown assailants drew their deadly weapons upon that house, killing my precious baby boy along with his younger friend Delvin Matthews, age 17. No one claims to know who these perpetrators were and it seems that no one cares but me.

There are not enough words to describe my anger, hurt or despair. My son was trying hard to live and exemplify the lifestyle befitting a young man of his caliper. Young, black and trying to find his way in this cold, cruel society. I've expressed on numerous occasions that guns don't kill people! People kill people!

Let's stop the violence so that our future may live. Teach our children how to love and respect themselves and maybe just maybe they will in turn love, and respect their fellow man.


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Aderyl Caldwell