William J. "Chip" Ruesewald, III
26 Years Old

March 20, 1968 to October 20, 1995

William Joseph Ruesewald, III was a tall and handsome young man who left a son Joe who he adored. When Chip was murdered, his wife Terri, unknown to Chip, was about two-weeks pregnant with his second son Ryan.

When Ryan was born, we all looked at him with tears in our eyes, knowing he would never know his Daddy. Chip would have loved him more than life and would have played and laughed with him as he had with Joe. He would have taught them about the outdoors and deer and duck hunting which he loved so much.

Chip was a loving, caring and thoughtful person. He was a romantic at heart, always sending flowers on birthdays and anniversaries. He could always make you laugh.

Once, when I was out of town, Chip bought my favorite Girl Scout Cookies and froze them so I wouldn’t miss having them...a son, who one day surprised me by showing-up in a limo to take me to lunch. Chip always opened doors for ladies and sat them at the table as he was a true gentleman. His laughter, the twinkle in his eyes and his enormous hugs I miss everyday.

I believe with all my being, Chip is still close, behind a thin veil we can not see through, he lives on in our hearts and through his sons. I await the time I can put my arms around him and tell him how much we all love him. I know if love could have saved him, he would be here today…..

Your loving Mother and Family.


William Joseph Ruesewasd, III, known to all who loved him as “Chip” was abruptly snatched from us on October 20, 1995. There was no time for good-byes or last embraces.

Chip’s older sister Candy fought every step of the way to see justice done, including doing a spot on “Crimestoppers.” She spends a lot of time with his children, trying to fill that void.

Holly, Chip’s younger sister, idolized and depended on her big brother from the time she was little.

Chip’s death will haunt all of us forever...

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